Pet Blood work

When you bring your pet in, whether it's for a pet wellness visit, a pet accident or pet injury, or you have a sick pet, our staff will do our best to help your pet get well and part of that may include pet blood work For pet care for your pet friend, we at Branch's Veterinary Clinic of Tifton in Tifton, GA, are here to help.

Pet Blood Work

Why Take Blood?

There can be things occurring inside them that only a blood test will reveal.

Blood tests can also let our veterinarian clinic know that the pet has parasites, if he has certain types of diseases, or if there is another dangerous condition that may be lurking inside of your pet’s body. That way, we are able to provide the right kind of treatment so that he can go back to his healthy and happy self.

What It Shows

Just like people, blood tests can give an indication of how a pet's immune system is faring. If there are a lot of white blood cells, your pet’s body could be fighting an infection. There are other markers, like ones that can show if your pet is dehydrated or if there are issues with his kidneys.

The blood tests can combine with the physical exam and other tests to help paint the clearest picture of what's going on with him, potentially giving us a good road map for treatment.

Drawing Blood

When it comes to drawing blood, the staff at our veterinarian clinic will seek to draw the blood while minimizing stress for your pet. It will take only a short time and your pet should be fine afterwards. Although drawing blood may be painful for your pet, it may be important for keeping him healthy.

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