At Branch’s Veterinary Clinic, we offer a wide range of vet care services for pets in the Tifton, GA area and beyond. Preventive veterinary care can help keep your furry friend in good health. If you’re concerned about your pet’s diet, exercise, behavior, or lifestyle, bring him to our animal hospital for a pet wellness exam.  We’re more than happy to examine your pet and provide valuable input that can enhance his health. Here’s what you can expect from your Tifton veterinarian and our dedicated veterinary team.


Preventive Care

Preventive care is designed to prevent medical issues so your pet can enjoy long-term health. Pet wellness exams play a key role in preventive pet care. We recommend scheduling an annual pet wellness exam for your furry friend so we can keep track of his health. This exam entails a visual nose-to-tail inspection of your pet as well as listening to his heart and lungs to detect early warning signs of health issues. Catching problems early will enable your pet to get the treatment he needs to make a full recovery.

We’ll also perform diagnostic testing to uncover hidden medical issues. Our radiology services include digital imaging, ultrasound, MRIs, and CT scans. Vaccinations, pet dental care, parasite control, spay and neuter services, and nutritional and behavior counseling are additional services that fall under the category of preventive care. Your pet’s oral health can impact his overall health, making it essential that he receives the pet dental services he needs to enjoy good oral health.

Medical Care

Through diagnostic testing, your Tifton, GA veterinarian can make a quick and accurate diagnosis of your pet’s condition so we can recommend the appropriate treatment. We have ample experience treating common ailments like allergies, ear and skin infections, bladder infections, digestive and respiratory illnesses, arthritis, and other health issues.


Along with routine spay and neuter surgery, we offer surgery for mass removal, fracture repair, joint repair, dental extraction, and treating internal issues.  Additional services include microchipping, pet boarding, and euthanasia to ease your pet’s pain and suffering when it’s time for him to leave this world behind.

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