A dog spay or cat spay is an essential part of animal care. However, it is important that you take any type of pet surgery seriously to make sure everything goes successfully. At Branch’s Veterinary Clinic in Tifton, GA, we are here to help you through the whole process of spaying your pet. Here are some ways to prepare for spaying your dog or cat. 


Set Up Your House 

Spaying is a major pet surgery. Your pet is going to have to recover after you bring her home from the animal hospital and that recovery will likely take a few weeks. Before you bring her in, you should prepare your home and your pet for her recovery period. Set up a section of your home where your pet can easily rest and get everything she needs. If your pet is particularly active, you might want to take extra time to crate-train her before her surgery. If you do all of this ahead of time, you’ll be able to bring her straight home and keep her comfortable with less stress. 

No Food or Water before Surgery 

Spaying is a pet surgery that requires anesthesia. This means that your veterinarian will tell you not to give your pet food or water for a certain amount of time before the procedure. This is important because it reduces the risk of your pet aspirating on the operating table. If food or water goes into her lungs, it can cause complications. Take your instructions seriously for the sake of your pet’s safety. 

Get Medications 

Your pet is going to need certain medications after her surgery. If possible, get them all ahead of time and have them at your house. You don’t want to spend time sitting in the pharmacy or animal hospital with your pet after her surgery. Doing this before the day of surgery ensures that you’ll have everything you need. Complications can be worked out ahead of time, and you won’t need to stress. 

Stay Calm 

Pets can sense your emotions. If you’re stressing about spaying your pet, she’s going to notice, and her mood will change accordingly. Stay calm and it will help your pet to stay calm as well. 

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Here at Branch’s Veterinary Clinic in Tifton, GA, we want to help make your cat spay or dog spay as peaceful and successful as possible. Call our office at 229-382-6055 to schedule your pet’s appointment with our veterinarian! 


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