Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care

Cleaning your pet's teeth is a vital aspect of routine dog and cat care. If your pet requires dental care, our practitioner is here to assist. Contact Branch's Veterinary Clinic of Tifton to schedule an appointment with our veterinarians for routine pet care and a dental evaluation. In this article, we'll discuss why dental care is essential for pets, how to properly care for your pet's teeth, and the assistance our vets can provide.

Pet dental care

Why Dental Care Matters for Pets

Dogs and cats, much like people, can experience dental issues, including gingivitis, broken teeth, and tartar buildup. Failing to clean your pet's teeth can lead to gradual deterioration, potentially resulting in tooth loss, mouth pain, and inflamed gums. This discomfort can hinder your dog or cat's ability to eat, drink, meow, or bark. Regularly inspect your pet's teeth for signs of medical concerns, and promptly bring your furry companion to our vet for an assessment.

Caring for Your Pet's Teeth

Make it a habit to regularly examine your dog or cat's mouth to assess the condition of their gums and teeth. If you notice any potential issues, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with our vet. Delaying care can exacerbate symptoms.

In addition to assessing your pet's overall dental health, it's crucial to clean their teeth regularly. Use a specialized toothbrush and toothpaste, which you can acquire from a pet supply store. Brush your dog or cat's teeth in the same way you would your own. If your pet is hesitant to allow you to brush more than a tooth or two, don't give up.

If they enjoy the taste of the toothpaste, usually meat-flavored, they'll likely become more cooperative with each session. If your pet resists any attempts to touch their teeth at all, consider switching to a different brand of toothpaste. If this doesn't resolve the issue, our veterinarian can provide assistance.

How Our Veterinarians in Tifton Can Help

During a pet care visit, our veterinarians will conduct a detailed examination of your pet's oral hygiene. If any issues are detected, appropriate treatment will be administered. Additionally, our vets can perform teeth cleaning for your pet upon request. Are you looking for a veterinarian near you? Contact Branch's Veterinary Clinic of Tifton to arrange a wellness visit, during which our vet will provide comprehensive dental care services. For more information about our practice, please call our office today at (229) 382-6055.

Signs Your Dog or Cat Needs Pet Dental Care

Like humans, pets can have regular dental check-ups to help detect any underlying issues and prevent future problems. Some of the signs that your pet may be in need of pet dental care include bad breath, yellow or brown buildup on his teeth, difficulty eating or drinking, redness around the gums and bleeding from the mouth. If you notice these symptoms, contact us for a dental exam.

What to Expect from Our Animal Clinic

At Branch's Veterinary Clinic, our goal is to keep your pet's teeth clean and healthy so he can enjoy their life and prevent complications down the road. Some of the benefits of visiting a veterinarian on our veterinary team for dental care include:

    • Less smelly breath
    • Reduced risk of gum disease
    • Improved oral health
    • Longer lasting teeth and gums
    • Prevention of tooth loss
    • Better overall health and well-being

At Branch's Veterinary Clinic, we are committed to providing the pet dental care for Tifton, GA, residents. We understand that your pet is a special part of the family and want to ensure his teeth are in optimal condition. Our team of veterinarians will work with you and provide a treatment plan for your pet's oral health. Treatment might include:

    • Pet dental cleanings: Just like humans, pets might need to have their teeth cleaned regularly. Our veterinarians will provide a thorough cleaning of the teeth as well as tartar removal if needed.
    • Extractions: If your pet's tooth is severely damaged or decayed, a veterinarian on our veterinary team can perform an extraction in order to prevent further damage from occurring.

Schedule Your Pet's Dental Appointment Today

At Branch's Veterinary Clinic of Tifton, we want to help make pet dental care easy and stress-free for Tifton, GA, residents. Contact us today to schedule your pet's dental appointment and get pet dental care for his teeth. Call us at (229) 382-6055 for more information from our animal hospital.

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